And the beat goes on

I have my prototype prosthetic now. I call it the claw. I hate it, but it is the necessary evil to get to my bionic hand. A friend of mine tried to put it into a different perspective for me. For years I drove around this 1999 Chrysler mini van, we called her Pantsy. Picked her up for  $ 500, when the kids were young and money was tight. Pantsy wasn’t a pretty thing, her age was showing, but she got me to work, all over the State for soccer and softball games. Moved the kids back and forth to College a few times, moved us and once the kids started to drive it was chauffeuring troops of teenagers around. And yes I had to replace a few parts here and there. Until she decided it was time 2 years ago and died on me for good. And now I am driving my Impala. A newer model, with all the comforts, like a working A/C. I had to go thru Pantsy to get to my Impala, and that is the way I have to approach this. The claw isn’t pretty, but it will get me to my other better model.

I have to learn to use my right hand again. use it as an assist. Problem is, I can’t wear the prosthetic very long, because of my shoulder. Yes I’m still dealing with that, but the good news is that the ortho finally decided to fix it. Now we are just waiting on the insurance to approve it.

Day by day it’s a challenge but it gets better. Especially when you master something, like baking a cake. It is mighty yummy 🙂


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