The power of music

The last four months my world has been filled with pain, agony, doctors, hospitals, meds that worked and some that didn’t. Encouragement, prayers, positive vibes from friends near and far. Friends who have done more for me that I could possibly imagine.

Now I’ve started occupational therapy and it is hard work. Someone compared it to boot camp on my Facebook page. And I also have to do work at home to build up my muscles again. And it isn’t fun. I just went through the steps like I was asked to do. No fun.

But yesterday I realized that it has been four months since I turned on any music in my house, usually the TV is running for the better part of the day. So I decided to go old school, and my mind set changed, and over sudden I am up and moving to the music and did my stretching and movements with my arm. Made me realize how much I missed turning it up and having the house filled with music. And for a little while I forgot my problems and was in my own little happy world.

The power of music, what a wonderful thing.


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