First physical therapy appointment

I never considered myself a sporty, exercise, go and run 5 miles a day kind of person. Every time I did consider doing some exercise to shape up I start all excited and eventually it slowed down, I over do it and I start hurting and completely stop. I did think about taking up yoga to help me, tone up some muscles that once you hit 40 over sudden disappear and all you see is flappy skin. Sorry, I’m trying not to be to graphic here, but the people my age who read this will understand what I mean.

So this brings me to my first physical therapy appointment this past Monday.  I knew I was going to have some issues going in, and explained them to the therapist, especially that her idea of me sleeping like I was nailed to a cross didn’t work so well, and left me with a stiff sore elbow and shoulder every morning. So she told me I did not have to do that anymore and just try to do it a couple times a day for a few minutes. Which I thanked her for.

She felt the knots in the back by my shoulder blade and worked on them, then slowly worked with me on stretching the arm, bending the arm, the elbow, simple things, nothing hard and I was thinking that this wasn’t bad, I can handle this. I felt good for the rest of the day.

But the next morning, when I got up I thought a truck had parked itself in between my shoulder blades and that I aged about 20 years overnight. It took me almost the whole morning, leaning back on a pillow, stretching my shoulders to get that truck moving out. The arm, elbow itself wasn’t too bad. So I was grateful for that.

I am hoping that as we progress with physical therapy, I will keep the truck from parking itself on muscles that have been found and are being used and eventually I wake up feeling like a spring chick.


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