Since the accident, I noticed the total absence of dreams. No nightmares over the accident, which is good. No dreaming laying in the sun on a beach somewhere or anything until a few days ago. I attributed this to the amount of meds I inhaled on the daily basis, and now for about 2 weeks now I have slowly cut back on how many or how often I take them. It has been working well, unless my missing hand decides to go crazy by having the muscle tissue grow back or my nerve ends finding no suitable spot to call home. Who knows.

But now I have crazy dreams, from being a international spy to chasing people around in elevators and even and dare I say it , about my ex-husband and his fiancee. Which really was so stupid, I woke up and could find no explanation why I would dream such nonsense and kept me up for hours after. But I remember them, and most of the time you are not supposed too.

I usually go and search on the internet what certain dreams mean, key items that stick out, when I have very vivid dreams and remember. But the nonsense that has been displayed to me lately I don’t dare look for an explanation. I am just hoping that eventually they will turn into more serene, relaxing, comforting dreams. Because I like those a lot more, then pushing elevator buttons and going up and down and through revolving doors looking for people.


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