It’s been rough

4 surgeries, 2 additional ER visits and Hospital stays due to the side effects of some medications. Water in my feet, checking for blood clots in my legs, blood tests to see that my liver and kidneys have not been damaged because of the meds, the painful bandage changes for 2 months straight, all of those things made me just not want to be strong anymore and move forward. My visiting nurse who through all of this has been so supportive and become my biggest cheerleader for when good things happen. The surgeon that I was so lucky to have, that actually cares, usually you don’t find those anymore. Who actually felt bad when he had to perform another surgery, shortening my bone, but with the hope that my bandage changes would start being less painful and my nerves would get more cover and not be exposed and finally heal.

And within the last 3 weeks over sudden it seems we have made more process then in 2 months combined. I stopped taken the meds that gave me all the side effects that included me not being able to move and get out of bed or walk, and collected the water in my legs. Biggest fear was that they managed to damage my liver or kidneys and I would need dialysis on top of everything. But thankfully that did not happen. I always say when I hear a commercial for a medication, once you hear the side effects I rather go without.

Anyway 3 months into it and each day I get better, I see it as a small triumph of getting closer to a full recovery. Baby steps… steps.


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