The day my Life changed

12/30/14 – started out just like any other day.  Getting ready for another work day, walking the dog, thinking and feeling content of how much good the year brought me and looking forward to another good year. Even Ayla my dog looked at me with a content look on her face as we were making our way back to the house.

The morning was usual quiet, everyone looking forward to another long weekend, I helped out on the press floor with some jobs that needed to go out, setting them up for others to run, with no worries on my mind.

12:45 pm I was holding my right arm with my left hand and screaming, with my boss applying a tourniquet on my right arm to stop the blood loss, first responders arriving, an ambulance ride to another town with better hospitals and medical staff. ER staff waiting for me and assessing the injury. My boss who came along, assuring me that only the best are working on me and doing everything they can. Then the wheeling into the operating room and drifting off into darkness, only to awaken hours later in a room filled with friends and nurses and part of myself missing.

Yes, my right hand could not be saved and they had to amputate. The doctor that operated on me saved as much as he could of the bone, to make a difference later when it is time for a prosthetic.

That is the day my life changed once again. And yes 3 months later I am still nowhere near of understanding why… be continued.


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